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Compositions and arrangements by

Andrew Challinger

(updated August 2008)

Music for Recorders

Three Little Pieces (on five notes) for Descant(s) and Piano £3

Very easy music using only the most common left hand notes.
Intended as teaching or concert material for beginners.

First Suite for Descants (div.), Trebles and Piano £5

Four elementary pieces – Blisters, Water Music, Waltz and Jump!
Written for young players with no previous ensemble experience.
The treble part in Blisters uses only four notes.

Second Suite for 2 Descants, Treble and Piano £6

Four character pieces – Toy Soldiers, Ratty Railway, Cavatina and Mister Punch.
In similar vein to the above but at a higher level of difficulty.

Third Suite for 2 Descants, Treble, Tenor and Piano £7-50

Playground Song, Fairground Tune, Sad Time and Bouncy Castle.
For young players of a moderate standard.

Fourth Suite for 2 Descants, Treble, Tenor and Piano £8

The latest (and last) of the series.
Slightly longer than the others and perhaps a bit harder.
Contains: Butterflies, Dotty March, Gymnopédie and Hornpipe.

Bambo-Mambo for two-part Treble Recorders and Piano £3-90

Easy notes; tricky rhythms. The piano part is very tricky.
Written for primary school children.

Bambo-Mambo for Descants £3-90

A transposed version of the above.

Scoring Points (S.S.A.T.) £5

(Set of ten playing scores)
A series of interlocking patterns, intended to introduce young players to a range of extended techniques. Not as hard as it looks.

Diversions (S.S.A.) £7–50

A four-movement piece modelled on a Mozart Divertimento. Moderate standard.
Written for young players in Israel but accessible to all age groups.

Variations on Greensleeves (S.A.T.) £3-60

Simple variations based on the familiar eighteenth-century solo
Greensleeves to a Ground.

Antal Zimmermann (arr. Challinger) - Prelude (S.A.B.) £3-90

An imitative piece from eighteenth-century Hungary, originally for organ.
No great difficulties.

Country Dance Tunes Set 1 (S.A.T. with divisions) £5

Three free adaptations of music from The Dancing Master. Quite easy.

Country Dance Tunes Set 2 (S.A.A.T.) £6

More music from The Dancing Master. Slightly harder than Set 1 but just as much fun.

Three Movements (S.A.T.B.) £6

These three pieces - Ritornello, Passacaglia and Ostinato - contain a number of challenges, though nothing too fearsome. The musical style owes much to Stravinsky.

Handel (arr. Challinger) - Suite in G Minor (S.A.T.B.) £6-60

An adaptation of the E Minor Keyboard Suite. Substantial and difficult.

Spring Dance (S.A.T.B.) £4-50

One of three works originally published by the Oriel Library and still available from them. Conceived for massed playing, though perhaps better for quartet. Needs to be light and fast.

Ballad, Blues and Riffs (S.A.A.T.B.) £6–60

A Montem edition of this international best-seller.

Three Miniatures (S.S./A.A.T.B.) £5

A third work still available from Oriel. These were conceived as studies in ensemble playing. The notes are straightforward but fitting them together is not.

Tasty Trifles (S.A.A.T.B.) £8-40

Three entertaining pieces in a jazzy style -
Scat-singer, Bass-man Blues and Big Band.

Three Dances (A.A.T.T.B.B.) £9

Written for the SRP Festival at Winchester 2004. Rhythmical and fairly testing.

Replay (S.A.A.T.T.B.) £7-20

A tricky eight-minute piece made up of several contrasting sections, some of which re-appear.

Mirror Ball (S.S.A.A.T.B.) £8

A three movement piece, commissioned for the 2008 SRP Festival at Tonbridge. Divides the players into two “reflecting” groups. No major problems and a few tunes.

Two Occasional Pieces (Sop S.S.A.A.T.B. with divisions) £9-90

Two contrasted pieces - Waltzer and Hurdles – intended for large gatherings. Parts for a range of standards.

Masquing (S.A.T.B. with divisions) £8-40

(Score and three sets of parts)
Written for massed playing. Basically in waltz time but with some rhythmic quirks.

Buskin* - for Recorder Orchestra (S.S.A.A.A.T.T.T.B.B.Gb.Cb.) £15

Uses antiphonal groupings in a lively "call and response" style. Should be fun for both players and listeners. Some opportunities for a solo descant.

Sonatina for Treble Recorder and Harpsichord [or Piano] £8-40

Three movements following the classical plan. The music sets out to challenge and sometimes to tease. Some technical difficulties for both players.

Round Dance for Treble Recorder and Guitar [or Piano] £6

A rhythmically exciting single movement piece.
Requires good technique and co-ordination.

Music For Bassoon

Bassoon Favourites Volume One for Bassoon and Piano £7–50

Contains arrangements of music by Handel, Mozart, Sullivan, Brahms and Verdi plus a number of earlier works and is intended for players of grade 1-3 standard. This collection and Volume Two are set in the Trinity Guildhall exam syllabus.

*Bassoon Favourites Volume One for Mini-Bassoon and Piano £7–50

A transposed version of the above. Available for mini-bassoon in F or G.

Bassoon Favourites Volume Two for Bassoon and Piano £8–40

Includes music by Purcell, Mozart, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Sullivan and Joplin and is designed for grades 4-5.

Serenade for Bassoon and Piano £2–20

A short, slow piece making use of the bassoon’s tenor register. Requires good control to sustain the long phrases. Set in Trinity Guildhall grade 6.


Music For Flutes

*Diversions for three flutes £7–50

This has been transposed from the recorder original but is otherwise much the same.

*Ballad, Blues and Riffs £6–60

A version of the recorder piece, for four flutes and alto flute. Largely faithful to the original.

*Two Occasional Pieces £15

A version for large flute choir of the work for recorders, using piccolo, seven concert flutes, alto and bass flutes plus the piano. There are some easy parts but the music – particularly in Waltzer has been extensively re-written, incorporating more challenging features.

*Flute Fizzles £15

Two contrasting pieces – March Past and Fiesta – for large flute choir. Some difficult parts: some much easier. This music needs about a dozen players at least, but no piano this time.


Music for Clarinets

*Buskin £15

A version of the recorder orchestra piece for twelve part clarinet choir. Parts for solo E flat, two solo B flats, five other B flats, alto, two basses and contrabass in B flat or E flat contra-alto. The music remains much the same, though the range has been expanded.

*Still Waters £10

A clarinet original. A gentle piece in 5/4 time for eight-part clarinet choir (E flat, four B flats, alto, bass and contrabass).

*Shadow Boxing (available January 2009)

Another original work for clarinets with similar scoring. This has a dark slow section followed by a rhythmical and rather wild dance. A number of difficult time changes and some rapid passages.


Music for Saxophones

Gops! £6

A punchy three minute piece for either: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone; or two Altos and two Tenors. All instruments take the lead role in turn. Not difficult though the top part gets more action than the rest.


Music for Wind Quintet

*Wind Chimes £6–90

Originally published by Phylloscopus, this short work was commissioned for a dance event. It consists of a series of rhythmic figures which are passed around among the players. Not particularly challenging technically but needs work on the ensemble.


Music for Orchestra

*Festival Suite (Price on application)

Three movements – Procession, Funfair and Evening Song – scored for a smallish orchestra. Written for young players but has also been performed by adults. There are some problems with the constantly changing metre of the middle movement and some important solo lines.

*Not available from tutti

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