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Andrew Challinger

Andrew Challinger studied the oboe in Manchester with Bernard O'Keefe and in London with Janet Craxton and read music at Cambridge University. After several years as a secondary school teacher, he exchanged full-time teaching for a more varied musical life, working as an instrumental teacher for the Berkshire Young Musicians' Trust and for a number of private schools, as a composer - largely though not exclusively writing for recorder - and as a performer - principally on oboe (both modern and baroque) and recorder. He is a member of the period instrument group Cambiata and the woodwind quartet Petits Fours and has given lecture recitals on early instruments with the duo Pease Pottage. Currently he regularly works with both children and adults, teaching privately and for the Aylesbury Music Centre and directing workshops for the Society of Recorder Players. Performances of his compositions have taken place not only in Great Britain but also in Scandinavia, USA, Israel and Japan.